Sunday, January 22, 2012

Removing scriptlets from a JSP

I have read on internet that it is a very bad idea to use scriplets in a JSP.
Even if you need to use scriplets in a JSP, that is most likely because you are doing something in JSP, which should be better handled in a Action class.

So, I am trying to gather few tips, how to convert an existing JSP with scriplet to a JSP without scriplet.

Guys please comment and add more, i'll keep on adding it to the main post :)
There could be multiple ways of doing the same thing, you guys can add your knowledge to this, so that we can come up with a post, that we can re-use.

Most of the help has been taken from

You might like to read a discussion on WHY to avoid scriplets

Scriplet code Without scriplet code
<%=request.getContextPath()%> ${pageContext.request.contextPath}
<%= request.getRequestURI().contains("/events/")%> ${fn:contains(pageContext.request.requestURI, '/events/')}
<%= request.getRequestURI().contains("/events/") ? "class='selected'" : ""%> ${fn:contains(pageContext.request.requestURI, '/events/')? 'class="selected"' : ''}
<% if(request.getRequestURI().contains("/events/")) { %>


<c:if test="${fn:contains(pageContext.request.requestURI, '/events/')}">
<% String s = request.getParameter("text1"); %> <c:set var="s" value="${param.text1}" >
<% out.println(s);%> <c:out value="${s}" />
<% if(s.equals("sam"))
out.println("Good Morning...SAM!");
<c:if test="${s eq 'sam'}">
<c:out value="Good Morning...SAM!" />

case 1: out.println("Sunday");
case 2: out.println("Monday");

<c:when test="${s==1}">Sunday </c:when>
<c:when test="${s==2}">Monday</c:when>
<c:when test="${s==3}">Tuesday</c:when>
<c:when test="${s==4}">Wednesday</c:when>
<c:when test="${s==5}">Thursday</c:when>

select between 1 & 5

HttpSession session = request.getSession();



<c:out value="${sessionScope.Questions.questionPaperID}" />

<%request.getSession().getAttribute("my_var") %>

Can be accessed using JSTL with the sessionScope keyword. To access my_var, call sessionScope.myvar

Remember to use sessionScope

<c:out value="${sessionScope.my_var}"/>

To make it easier, this link would help you understand the JSTL tags better...


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