Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Internet sharing without hub/router.....


To share Internet Connection between different systems connected in an ad-Hoc wireless network without any router/hub….
Follow these steps…
All the systems to be connected has to be in an ad-hoc wireless network (to create one u can run create home wireless network wizard and follow ….)

For Host computer…
1. Host computer : computer i.e connected to the internet directly through modem…(or so…)
Generally configured through Lan (has its ip/dns server settings provided by Service providers….)(leave it as such)
2. Run ( create a small home/office network wizard ) in network connections panel…..(find it in control panel)
3. Follow the steps in it…
4. In internet connection setting step
Check->( tick it)this computer connects directly to the internet(for Host PC)
5. Make sure u all have same home network like (MSHOME or whatever ur pC’s home name is…)
6. Next step (Important )Wizard asks u to create a disk where setting will be stored……
so save the settings in a pen-Drive and finish the wizard .
Now settings is nothing but a netsetup.exe file saved in Pen-D….
What to do next….
Now the host part is done….
For Shared Systems…

1.Insert the drive having settings file…. it…(don’t think too much…)
Just check In internet connection setting step
Check->( tick it)
(For shared PC’s in n/w) this computer connects to the internet using other computer
And have home network as MSHOME or whatever value u gave in….step
And u r done …….
All the systems will now have access to internet …… (nJoy!)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Problem making DSN with SQL server from other machine.

I faced this problem when I was trying to connect to SQL server 2005 from another machine.

The error message said, that SQL server does not exist or access denied.

Solution :

1. Start SQL Server Configuration Manager
2. Expand SQL Server network configuration
3. Select Protocols for MSSQLSERVER
4. Double click TCP/IP in the right pane.
5. Change enabled to true
6. Click IP Addresses Tab and change the IP address to the IP address of the client.

Start SQL Server Area Configuration
Select Surface area configuration for services and connections.
Go to Database Engine -> Remote Connections and verify that remote connections are enabled. (The correct radio button is selected)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Can wait be resume without Notify??

A thread can also wake up without being notified, interrupted, or timing out, a so-called spurious wakeup. While this will rarely occur in practice, applications must guard against it by testing for the condition that should have caused the thread to be awakened, and continuing to wait if the condition is not satisfied. In other words, waits should always occur in loops, like this one:
synchronized (obj) {

while (someCondition()==false)


... // Perform action appropriate to condition