Friday, September 16, 2011

How to disable touchpad in Lenovo Z560 touchpad

How to disable touchpad in lenovo ideapad Z560?

I know this post is not related to Java/J2ee, but I wanted to note down this solution somewhere. So storing it here.

Actually, the shortcut key for disabling touchpad (Fn+F6) is not working for me, because, F6 button of my keyboard is damaged.

I struggled for a week to find a solution of how to disable touch pad.

On google I saw various posts which say that there is an option of disabling touch pad in Control Panel -> Mouse -> Touch pad Tab

But I didn't find any such Tab.

After that I installed the touch pad driver from

Touchpad Driver for ideapad Z560

And I got that option in Control Panel -> Mouse.

Now I am happy....

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