Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Problem in session Handling

Many of you might have faced this problem earlier as well. But this is a very new and recent learning which I have gained during my work at Nucleus Software. 

Many times I have seen, that where i expect the web-application to pick up and already existing session, it is creating a new session, when a request.getSession() is encountered.
I was unable to understand the reason, why? Then one colleague of mine helped me solve this problem. 
Still I am not 100% sure of the root cause of the problem, but this trick has solved my problem

Advanced Privacy Settings

You can override automatic cookie handling for all Web sites in the Internet zone by clickingAdvanced on the Privacy tab. You can use the Advanced Privacy Settings dialog box to configure first-party and third-party cookies to AcceptBlock, or Prompt, with a check box to always allow session cookies. 

After doing this, session.isNew() started returning false and the problem was solved. 

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